Friday, 25 January 2013

Will and Narelle

Will and Narelle, what can I say! Firstly, a couple who give you a decent amount of time for photos are so special, you can really start loving the shoots! And to find a couple who really valued their photos is such a blessing (dream wedding anyone?!). The Sample Room in Cambridge did an amazing job of the hair and makeup; although making Narelle look good is no tough job! The warm summers day saw Narelle walking down the picturesque aisle at Red Barn, with Will trying to get that dang dust out of his eyes ;) Moving around Red Barn is such a treat for a photographer with long cottonwood trees dropping little balls of cotton on the drive, beautiful long grass and trees and some local obliging neighbours. These two are a treat together, and I was loving the fun vibe the bridal party bought to the day, ahhh young love! Congrats to you Mr and Mrs Henson, here's to a future of more special moments, love and laughter together!

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  1. So lovely to see this , Narelle. Congratulations! Really great blog - you CAN write! Thank you, especially for the COVID blog. Resonated on so many levels. So much love to you both / all. Dee (VIS)